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Property Management

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Professional property management does more than just ease your burden – it is an investment that pays dividends.

Hestia Real Estate Inc.

Our Services

To be profitable now and in the long run, rental properties need regular maintenance, constant oversight, tenant management and detailed accounting.

On-Call Legal Counsel

  • Legally compliant and enforceable leases
  • 1 hour of free legal consultation services per property per month

Coordination of Repairs and Maintenance

  • Yearly Audits
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services

Marketing & Turnover Management

Timely and Accurate Accounting

Rent Surveys

Rent Collection

Eviction Services

Tenant screening

Hestia Real Estate Inc.

Lawsuits and
Landlord Liability

While we work diligently to reduce turnover by actively managing your assets, when your property comes vacant, we’ll help you price it, market it and lease it.

With lawsuits and landlord liability on the rise, the value of competent legal oversight cannot be understated. Our service includes 1 hour of legal advice per month per property at no extra charge.*

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